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Anglo Zulu War BooksZulu Victory

Zulu Victory

  • Ron Lock & Peter Quantrill
  • 1-85367-645-4


I would like to congratulate you on establishing the best one-stop site to determine what to buy or not to buy.
Kevin Galvin
Ex Commander of B (Rorkes Drift) Company

Welcome To The Anglo Zulu War Research Society

The main objective of this website is to make reviews of relevant Zulu War books available to all readers, enquirers and researchers. Many books have been written on the subject of the 1879 Zulu War, especially in the last fifteen years.

Some have been reviewed, others have not. With the subject increasing in popularity, researchers and readers are spoilt for choice – which begs a question or two, which books are to be recommended? Where is truly fresh data to be found, and more importantly, is it well researched or just rehashed? The problem with reviews is legendary; some are well written and informative, others are critical and written out of spite, some are overtly favourable to curry favours with an author or publisher, some are by reviewers with no knowledge of the subject while others are advertised by publishers seeking to maximize sales.

We intend to cut through these confusions by offering a cross selection of reviews for these books but, importantly, we may add to each review the background and relevant experience of the reviewer where the reviewer is unknown. Most reviewers will be well known to the buying public and this should assist the reader to evaluate the quality of the book under review and, ergo, guide them towards the most appropriate book(s) for their purpose.

A subsidiary objective is to invite lay reviewers, battlefield guides, tour operators and others working or involved in the subject to supply new reviews for publication. Reviews should be of books published within the last fifteen years. There are a few precautionary guidelines; A review must be:

Relevant and informative, whether critical or otherwise,

Supported by a brief and relevant CV of the reviewer, which may be published following the review,

Signed by the reviewer. The author’s bona fide name and address must also be supplied with the review for verification or contact purposes – but these details will not be published or released ‘on site’ or to enquirers. If requested, correspondence will be forwarded to reviewers via the Royal Mail. Reviewers who cannot be contacted, or who use a pseudonym, pen name or alias, will not have their submission considered.

The final objective is to offer appropriate links to relevant Zulu War sites.

 This site is intended to offer a free service to Zulu War enthusiasts. There are no charges to access the reviews or rewards to reviewers, publishers or contributors.

There are no favourable links or connections to publishers or authors – contributors will be treated impartially and without favour, subject to the above five points.

 Please note that this site is intended for genuine reviews only, whether the review is favourable or otherwise.